August 12, 2018

Tell us your Financial Problem

After the successful launch of Consultants, India’s Unique online portal to Solve all type of Credit Report related Problems online, we were encountered by our esteemed Clients who were facing a lot of financial problems not only with their Bankers but also with the Income Tax Authorities, Insurance Companies, Demat and Securities companies. Our clients insisted on solving all their above problems as they had faith and trust in the Team of Expert Consultants, who were basically from the Banking Industry. Though we could not say “No” to our clients but solving their problems other than Credit Report related Problems created practical Administrative problems. Keeping in view the above we were left with no other alternative but to launch a similar online portal for solving Financial Problems, Taxation Problems, KYC-ID Problems, Banking Problems, Problems relating to Bank Death Claims and Insurance Claims.

New Samadhan Kender is an Online Solution Provider to Solve the Problems of the Resident and Non-Resident Indians. It is the brainchild of Mr.Ashok Goyal, highly experienced Banker, Legal Expert, Credit Reports Expert and above all expert in the use of Technology in daily life. New Samadhan Kender is a Renowned Resolution Center cum Consultancy Hub for all types of Problems relating to Finance, Taxation, Banking, Death Claims, Credit Reports, KYC and Identity, Web Technologies and E-Commerce for boosting Local Businesses.


We provide following Online Services at New Samadhan Kender:

  • Have you got Tired of Solving Finance, Taxation, Banking, Credit Report related Problems?
  • Are you facing difficulty in getting Personal, Car, Auto, Home and Business Loans? Please note that we are neither middlemen nor agents of any Bank or Financial Institution.
  • Have you Critically Examined your Bank Accounts for Nomination, PAN, and Aadhar?
  • Do you Know that Banks Commit Blunders in your Loan Accounts?
  • Has your Bank charged Correct Rate of Interest and has not charged any Penal Interest in your Loan Accounts?
  • Are you facing problems with Death Claims of Bank Deposits as Legal Heir or Nominee?
  • Has your Death Claim been Rejected by Financial Institutions or Banks?
  • Has your Insurance Claim been Rejected by the Insurance Company on Flimsy Grounds?
  • Are you facing problems in your Credit Reports?
  • Are you facing difficulty in having Uniform details in your PAN, Aadhar, Voter ID, DL, and Passports leading to major KYC-ID Problems?
  • Has your Bank, Demat or Securities Account Frozen due to KYC Related ID Problems?
  • Is your Business not doing Well due to Online Competition? (Existing Businesses with Minimum Turnover of Rs.1 Crore Per Annum.
  • Do you want to Grow your Online Business through Web Technologies, E-Commerce Solutions, Mobile Applications?

How Does it Work?

  • Contacts us on our Whats App Verified Number +91-9115950012 or 9814915812 of New Samadhan Kender and Tell us Your Financial Problem in Brief.
  • Contact or Call us at +91-8849950799 on Phone during working hours from 10 AM to 5 PM on any working day.
  • Nearby Clients can Visit Us at New Samadhan Kender in Rajpura 140401 Punjab.
  • Our Experts will inform you the Fees to be Paid in Advance as per the work involved along with approximate time to be taken for solving the Problem. Out of Pocket Expense will be over and above the Professional Fees.
  • Submit the documents either through Whats App or via email Ids available on our website at New Samadhan Kender.
  • Make Payment of Fees through Secured Payment Gateway and Send the Screen-Shot of Payment through Whats App Numbers – 9115950012  or  9814915812.
  • You will get frequent updates on your problem. You will have to provide necessary inputs to Solve your Financial Problems.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We have no association with any Credit Rating Agency like CIBILExperianEquifax or CRIF High Mark – which are the only Credit Rating Agencies in India.