July 2, 2018

Bank and Insurance Claims

It has been observed that Banks and Insurance Companies reject the claims of public on flimsy grounds.

In one such case, a renowned Insurance Company – ICICI Lombard, in the year 2007, rejected the total damage motor accidental claim of one of my colleagues, Mr.IPS Kainth, father of Miss Pooja (Ms. Gurinder Kainth – Birth Name) of international fame. He left no stone unturned to get the 100% Insurance Claim of his new vehicle which met with an accident in the very first quarter of the purchase of the vehicle. But his claim was rejected without assigning any reason whatsoever. To add insult to the injury, he was made to shell out about Rs.20000-00 to get the loss assessed and estimate prepared so as to justify total damage. He kept the salvage of the damaged vehicle at his residence for about 9-10 years in the hope that he will get justice from the Insurance Company. During these 8-9 years, he shifted his residence along with the salvage of the damaged vehicle. The salvage of the damaged vehicle used to haunt him as to how the vehicle got damaged in an accident that took the life of one of the friends of his son. Anyhow one fine morning in the year 2016, he visited my OLD Samadhan Kender set up by me and he narrated me the whole story. I consoled him and assured him that nobody on earth can deny justice to him. I asked him if he had any documents relating to the case. He could provide me only the following documents:

  • Mutilated Copy of the Insurance Cover Note (No Insurance Policy was available)
  • Mutilated Copy of the FIR registered with the Police in 2007.
  • Temporary Registration Number of the Vehicle.
  • Possession of the Vehicle remained with the Court with restrictions not to change the state of the damaged vehicle. The vehicle possession ( lying in salvage condition with the insured – on personal guarantee bond of about 7-8 lacs) was restored by the court only in the year 2016.

Anyhow the insurance claim was got reopened in the year 2016 by the ICICI Lombard Insurance Company and the company asked to file a fresh Claim Case with the reasons of delay of more than 9 years. The company refused to open the earlier claim as the company knew that the company could be made liable to pay interest at Bank Rate for the period of delay of the settlement of the claim. I, the Founder Owner of New Samadhan Kender following up the Insurance Claim on behalf of  IPS Kainth, was quizzed by six prominent lawyers on behalf of the ICICI Lombard Company and finally, the Insurance Company had to accept and pay the claim of approximately Rs.8.50 Lacs with a deduction of only Rs.1000 on account of processing of the claim.

Why all this Story?

Often Insurance Companies and all other Claim Settlement Authorities in India try to tire out the Claim Seekers and in the above case, I had to make more than 500 calls with talk time of more than 100 hours and exchange about 200 emails with the Insurance Company. The company officials wanted the insured to Visit Patiala, Ludhiana, and other offices – which was flatly refused as it was the duty of the Insurance Company to collect the documents required for their internal investigation process. As I do not believe in Verbal Talks and Assurances, every telephonic talk used to be conveyed in writing to all concerned and all the officers of the Insurance Company were made liable to stand by their telephonic commitments. I recorded the “Minutes of the Meetings” of all the meetings with the concerned officials under their signatures and such minutes used to be communicated to the Head Office of the Insurance Company so that they can not go back on their verbal or written commitments.

Off the Record, it was informed by the concerned officials of the company that they should try to find faults with the Insurance Claim and get the Claim Papers signed in Blank which was refused. There is a column in the Claim – If you drink alcohol – and if you have answered occasionally then your claim can be rejected. Moreover now the Insurance Companies have built-in clause that in case you do not get Permanent Registration Number for your vehicle within 30 days and the vehicle meets with an accident then you can not claim any amount even if you have paid full Insurance Claim as you can not legally drive/bring an unregistered vehicle on the road.

Claim Types handled at New Samadhan Kender:

  • Bank Death Claim Cases for Valuable Articles in Lockers.
  • Bank Death Claim Cases for Deposits. Complicated Bank Claims when Legal Heirs are residing abroad or some of the legal heirs have also expired.
  • Insurance Claims including Health Insurance Claims.
  • Any other Claims like Income Tax Refund Claims, Subsidy Claims.

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